Prize Winners 2017

1. James Milne Trophy  overall winner  Terry Stott, Aberdeen
2. Society Trophy overall runner-up Fred Stewart, Portlethen
3. Challenge Trophy pot plants Allan Paul, Cove Bay
4. Robert Morrison Challenge Trophy best begonia Allan Paul, Cove Bay
5  Douglas MacDonald Salver best exhibit hanging basket or patio container Allan Paul, Cove Bay

6. William Berry Cup cut flowers Terry Stott, Aberdeen
7 Challenge Trophy best  vase chrysanthemums Doug Stewart, Aberdeen
7k Diploma best vase of chrysanthemum sprays Doug Stewart, Aberdeen
8. Leonard Cup  3 vases dahlias Doug Stewart, Aberdeen                                                                                               
8k Challenge Trophy best vase dahlias Doug Stewart, Aberdeen
9 Kenneth Ross Shield best exhibit pansies/violas Terry Stott, Aberdeen
10. Culter Leisure Prog. Trophy Decorative Paula Silvester, Culter
11. Society Trophy floral art Lauranne Sharp, Culter
11k Diploma For “Farmer's Market" best exhibit, floral art Lauranne Sharp, Culter
12 Mrs Edna Edward Trophy novice floral art Sylvia Pike, Maryculter
13. Mrs Geddes Challenge Cup Vegetables Fred Stewart, Portlethen
14.Shield senior citizens Terry Stott, Aberdeen
15. Challenge Trophy Cookery Paula Silvester, Culter
15k Diploma For Custard Creams Best exhibit, cookery Paula Silvester, Culter
16 Challenge Trophy preserves, dairy Sylvia Pike, Maryculter
17. Mrs Edwards Trophy knitting & needlework Helen Fraser, Cults
17k Diploma For Cross stitch Best exhibit knitting & needlework Mary Group, Culter
18. Society Salver crafts Paula Silvester, Culter
19. Community Council Trophy Photography Paula Silvester, Culter
20k Diploma For Miniature Garden Best exhibit children’s 7 years and under 
20k Diploma Best exhibit children’s 8 - 10 years
20k Diploma For Photograph of Favourite Flower Best exhibit children’s 11 – 16 years Luisa Hector, Culter
20 Culter School PTA Trophy Children’s overall winner Luisa Hector, Culter
Trophies presented by Culter Community Council representative
21. Community Council Trophy Best-kept garden in Culter Mrs Isabel Barclay, School Road, Culter
22. Edwin Davidson Trophy Best pensioner’s garden Mrs. Edith Dawson, Towerview Way, Culter
23. Community Council Trophy Best all-year round garden George Cowie, St. Ronan's Drive, Culter
Culter in Colour shield For improving the appearance of Culter by use of tubs & containers
George Macdonald, Hillside Crescent, Culter
Callum Innes, Hillside Crescent, Culter
                                                                                                               (CL Aug 17))