These general rules will be strictly adhered to:
1. The Society shall be called “The Culter and District Horticultural Society”.

2. The Society shall have for its object the encouragement of all efforts to improve and extend the practice of all Horticultural and Industrial Work.

3. The Management Committee to consist of at least 6 Members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

4. The Society shall consist of one class ‐ Open.  An annual subscription of £5 which constitutes membership, entitles the Members to entries of competition and free admission to the Show.  Non‐members will pay 50p for each entry.

5. All entries shall be the work of the Exhibitor and in the Horticultural Section must be grown by the Exhibitor or have been in his or her possession 2 months prior to the show. Previously entered articles excluded.

6. The committee shall have the right to refuse any entry or entries lodged by a member or exhibitor without assigning any reason therefore.  In the event of any such entry or entries being refused, the member whose entry or

    entries are so refused shall have his membership fee or entry fee refunded.

7. The Judges may award, withhold or vary the prizes as they see fit, and they may also recommend the committee to award an extra prize in cases of exceptional merit.

8. In all cases the awards of the Judges shall be final.

9. Floral Art entries should be notified not later than Wednesday prior to the Show.

10. No more than two entries per class are allowed, except in sections 2A and 6 ‐ 9 inclusive and Children’s classes, where the maximum is one entry per class.

11. When entries are received all competitors will be issued with entry cards, which have to be completed by themselves.

12. Members of the Committee shall be in attendance from 6.30am to 9.00am on the morning of the Show to receive exhibits, also the previous evening from 6.00pm to10.00pm. 

     No exhibits will be accepted after 9.00am on the morning of the show.

13. No person shall be allowed to be present during the judging except those retained by the Committee.  Judging to commence at 9.30am.

14. No  exhibits  can  be  removed  before  3.30pm  on  day  of  Show.    All  exhibits  not collected by 3.45pm will be sold and resulting monies given to the Society.

15.All exhibits are at the entrant's own risk and the Society shall not be responsible for loss or damage, but ordinary care will be taken.

16. Complaints or protests as to exhibits must be lodged with the Secretary by 2.30pm on the day of the Show, along with 50p deposit.

 All other matters not provided for in  the  General  Rules  shall  be  left  to  the  discretion  of the  Committee,  whose decision shall be final.

17. Prize money will be given out between 3.15pm and 4.00pm on afternoon of Show.

     If  not  claimed  at  the  time  it  will  be  deemed  to  be  a  donation  unless  prior arrangements with the Secretary have been made for collection.

18. Cups and Trophies to be returned to Secretary by the first Saturday in July.

19. The Annual General Meeting will be held in Culter Village Hall on Thursday, 27th September 2018 at 7.30pm.

20. Points will be awarded as follows:   1st = 3pts   2nd = 2pts    3rd = 1pt  Classes marked thus * will be:- 1st = 9pts  2nd = 6pts  3rd = 3pts  Classes marked thus ** will be:  1st = 18pts  2nd= 12pts  3rd= 6pts

Flower Show Schedule Aug 2018