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Children's Section


Section 1

7 Years & Under

C1 Decorated CD
C2 Creature made from Fruit/Vegetables
C3 3 Decorated Biscuits
C4 Christmas tree decoration
C5 Miniature Garden ‐any container, not exceeding approx A4 size


Section 2

8 - 10 Years

C6 Decorated CD
C7 Creature made from fruit/vegetables
C8 3 Decorated Cupcakes
C9 Christmas tree decoration
C10 Miniature Garden‐any container, not exceeding approx A4size


Section 3

11 - 16 Years

C11 Posy in a jar
C12 Christmas tree decoration
C13 3 Decorated Cupcakes
C14 Bookmark
C15 Miniature Garden‐any container, not exceeding approx A4 Size

Children's Section: News & Updates
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